Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart expecting a baby?

Nov 27, 2012

Tabloid tales: K-Stew pregnancy rumours, One Direction insult The Wanted, 'cleaning fairy' break-in

ONLY a few months after they broke up because of Kristen Stewart's cheating scandal, she and Robert Pattinson are reportedly expecting a baby. The couple split up in June after pictures emerged of Stewart kissing married director Rupert Sanders but reconciled in September. The Sun reports that the Twilight co-stars will move to England to raise the baby, despite buying a house together in LA last month, and are planning on creating "a lavish nursery" for the child. Apparently, Stewart is desperate for Pattinson to pop the question before the baby is born.

One Direction v The Wanted boyband 'feud' continues with Max Payne (The Wanted) claiming 1D have gone too far after their latest Twitter spat. According to the Daily Mirror, Payne is annoyed because what seemed like a "bit of banter" on the social networking site ended badly when Zayn Malik referred to him as "Chlamydia boy". Payne has now denied that he has the sexually transmitted disease and told Malik to "grow up", tweeting that the two should meet in New York to discuss things "without security".

Simon Cowell has hit back after Depeche Mode's guitarist, Martin Gore, called for the music mogul to be shot. According to the Daily Mail, Gore was speaking of his hatred for "reality talent shows" and Cowell's influence over the music industry. The musician said: "I think somebody should shoot Simon Cowell". Cowell took offence and vented his anger on Twitter, calling the musician "weirdo Gore" and claiming the comment encourages gun crime. He tweeted: "I read Martin Gore wants to shoot me. He was in Depeche Mode. Do you realise how weird and stupid that makes you?"

A woman has been put on probation for breaking into someone's house and cleaning it. Susan Warren, 53, broke into a family home in Ohio and washed some coffee cups, took out the rubbish, vacuumed and dusted the house. She then left a bill for $75 and included her phone number. The house's owner, Sherry Bush, called the number, thinking a cleaning service had got the house number wrong, but Warren said there was no mistake and that she "does it all the time". The Daily Mirror reports that Warren admitted to entering the home illegally, but explained she merely "wanted something to do".

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