Harry Styles seen 'on romantic walk' with Taylor Swift

Dec 3, 2012

Tabloid tales: Styles and Swift 'love struck', Mike Tyson caught his wife with Brad Pitt, Katy Perry loves Spanx

HARRY STYLES and Taylor Swift have been pictured together for the first time, taking a romantic stroll in New York's Central Park. Rumours of their blossoming romance have been circulating ever since X Factor USA host, Mario Lopez, claimed he saw the couple hugging and holding hands backstage at the TV show. According to the Daily Mirror, Styles couldn't take his eyes off the 22-year-old singer and "appeared love struck" as they played with a baby belonging to One Direction's hair stylist. The pair have already been dubbed "Haylor" by their fans.

When two Chicago news anchors interrupted their morning show to report on a plane crash they had no idea they had mistaken a TV set for 'breaking news'. Larry Potash and Robin Baumgarten reported that a light aircraft had crashed on Martin Luther King drive and the channel dispatched a helicopter to beam images back to the studio. The pair discussed what could have happened and if there were any casualties, Baumgarten saying she was surprised at the lack of "frenzied" activity at the scene. According to the Metro, other news stations saved themselves from embarrassment by checking details of the 'crash' with emergency services before they ran the story.

Mike Tyson has revealed that he once found his wife in bed with Brad Pitt, and it made him "mad as hell", the Daily Mail says. During Tyson's divorce from Robin Givens in the 80s a "love triangle" formed between the former boxer, his wife and Pitt. Tyson said he still had sex with his wife throughout the divorce, but one day discovered Pitt had "beaten me to the punch". Tyson said: "You should have seen his face when he saw me". Tyson and Givens, who dated Pitt after her split from the boxer, had a three month marriage marked by violence, with Givens alleging spousal abuse.

Katy Perry believes that wearing Spanx allows her to relate better to her fans. The American singer says that she often wears the body shaping underwear to fit into her skin-tight stage outfits. She said: "I think every woman does stuff like that anyways, all the time." The form-fitting undies help her connect better with her fans because: "They want to feel like 'Hey, that's my girl. I relate to your song." According to the Sun, she then added: "I think one of my favourite moments is seeing like a hot girl dancing in a club, and then accidentally seeing her Spanx."

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