Robert Pattinson ditches Kristen Stewart for Christmas with family

Dec 5, 2012

Tabloid tales: R-Patz and K-Stew spending Xmas apart, Styles and Swift spotted at hotel, dogs that drive

ROBERT PATTINSON and Kristen Stewart will not be spending Christmas together, because Pattinson has chosen to spend the festivities with his family instead. According to the Metro, both Pattinson and Stewart had planned to spend Christmas in London with the actor's family but an awkward family meal last month resulted in a change of plans. It was the first time the Twilight actress had seen Pattinson's family since the couple reunited following their three-month split, and Pattinson's sisters reportedly felt they "couldn't be completely welcoming" to her. Stewart apparently found the evening "very uncomfortable".

Just days after they were pictured strolling around Central Park together, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have been spotted together again, The Sun reveals. The couple were seen entering Swift's hotel at 4am, after singing karaoke at the after-party for One Direction's Madison Square Gardens show. The two young pop stars reportedly sang Dolly Parton's classic Islands in the Stream together. Earlier in the evening Swift was given an award by the family of her ex, Connor Kennedy, for her charity work.

A New Zealand animal shelter has spent eight weeks teaching three of its brightest dogs to drive. The New York Post reports that the dogs were given daily training in an adapted Mini Cooper and practiced on an off-road track. Christine Kalin of the Auckland SPCA said: "They hop in, start the car, put it into gear, use the accelerator and steer." The SPCA says it wanted to show how intelligent its dogs are to encourage more people to adopt them.

A woman was left stunned when a live starfish dropped out of the sky and hit her on the head. Julie Anne Gilburt thought someone had thrown a ball at her but when she looked down she saw that it was a bright orange starfish. Gilburt, from Brighton, told the Daily Mirror: "My first reaction was that it was raining starfish." Gilburt added that when she looked up the sky was empty but presumes a seagull had dropped the "squidgy" creature on her head. She added: "All my friends said it was a sign, but I am not superstitious."

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Rob and Kristen always spend Christmas with their respective families and then meet up for NY's. This is nothing new so why try to make it into something it's not? Leave them alone for Heaven's sake.