GUILTY READ: Chanel ad triggers Brad Pitt crisis

Dec 19, 2012
Richard A Jinman

Fresh from the tabloids: 49th birthday and dodgy TV ad send world's sexiest man into midlife crisis

DID the millions of men who aren't Brad Pitt feel a twinge of guilty pleasure today when The Sun revealed the Hollywood star's life is not 100 per cent perfect?

It seems likely. For two decades Pitt, who turned 49 yesterday, has topped the world's Sexiest Man lists. He's engaged to Angelina Jolie – the woman who usually tops the Sexiest Woman lists – he has world-class hair, a brood of children and makes respectable, critically lauded films such as The Tree of Life and Moneyball.

But several chinks have opened up in Brad's shining armour, says The Sun. Firstly, his TV ads for Chanel No. 5 – in which he "spouts drivel for 30 seconds", as the The Guardian put it – have restored his long-banished reputation for being "barely sentient eye candy". The ads were included in a recent list of the year's worst commercials and have been mercilessly parodied online.

Now Hollywood insiders are asking a previously unimaginable question – "Is Brad Pitt starting to whiff?"

The Sun reports a "source" in the Pitt camp saying that the backlash from the Chanel ad and the approach of his 50th birthday has left the actor in the grip of "a classic mid-life crisis".

Pitt is "not in a great place at the moment", the source says."He's like a parody of himself in that ad – and he's not used to being the butt of people's jokes."

Also putting a furrow in Brad's beautiful brow is the fact he has yet to win an Oscar. Pitt got a best actor nomination for Moneyball in the 2012 Oscars, but losing out to The Artist's Jean Dujardin "hit him harder than he lets on".

The actor's fortunes haven't improved since then. His gangster flick Killing Them Softly was a box-office flop and the release of his big-budget zombie movie World War Z has been put back until next summer

So, Brad's having it tough. At least he gets to cry on Angelina Jolie's shoulder.

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