Kirstie Allsopp attacks 'scary' National Childbirth Trust

Jan 4, 2013

Angry backlash from supporters of the parenting charity after presenter calls its advice 'bollocks'

THE National Childbirth Trust has been condemned as "politicised", "dogmatic" and "scary" by TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp, who believes it does too little to prepare women for giving birth by caesarian section.

Allsopp, who with Phil Spencer co-hosts Channel 4's Location, Location, Location, called the parenting charity's advice "bollocks".

She made the comments yesterday on Twitter during a Radio 4 Today discussion involving childbirth author Linda Geddes, who claimed she had been given poor pregnancy advice by the NCT.

Allsopp tweeted: "Turn to BBC Radio 4 for talk of a book about all the absurd myths surrounding pregnancy & birth. More NCT bollocks as usual though. Lots of people have good NCT experiences, but many don't. This is a very politicised, dogmatic and in my experience, scary organisation."

Allsopp, whose two sons were both delivered by caesarean, suggested that the NCT failed to offer enough information about the procedure in their antenatal classes, which are attended by more than 100,000 couples every year.

The controversial tweets to her 272,000 followers prompted one NCT teacher to threaten her with legal action.

Last night Allsopp told the Daily Mail: "I feel that most women want to have a natural birth – I wanted to do that – but I was told I couldn't for various reasons.

"Sometimes it isn't possible and a caesarean section is necessary. I feel that women should be prepared for that too and not made to feel that they have failed in some way if they don't give birth naturally."

NCT's chief executive, Belinda Phipps, said: "NCT antenatal courses cover all the topics that are relevant to expectant and new parents, including giving birth by caesarean section. The content of the course is also influenced by the expressed needs and wants of the small group attending, which means that some topics may be discussed at more length than others."

According to the Daily Telegraph, it is not the first time Allsopp has criticised the NCT. In 2011, she accused natural birth campaigners of being "reckless" in stigmatising those who have caesarean sections.

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