Is Taylor Swift in London to get back with Harry Styles?

Jan 22, 2013

There's speculation the US singer is here to try to 'reunite' with the One Direction star

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WHAT do you do when you've had a nasty spat with your boyfriend and want to either get back together with him or give him a piece of your mind? If you're the US music star Taylor Swift, you charter a private jet, fly across the Atlantic and check in to a hotel near his north London house in preparation for a "meeting".

That, at least, is the Daily Mail's interpretation of Swift's unscheduled arrival at Luton airport yesterday, three weeks after her tryst with One Direction's Harry Styles imploded on holiday in the Caribbean.

Reasons for the sudden, dramatic split ranged from his obsession with partying to her obsession with antiques.

Now it appears 23-year-old Swift is "looking to possibly reunite" with Styles or at least "have some closure," the paper says.

The Sun agrees that Swift is probably in town for a "showdown" with Styles because she has no promotional duties in the UK. And she may well find her former paramour at home because he has just returned from a Japanese promotional tour where he demonstrated his legendary "pulling technique" to a female Japanese television host. A video of the encounter suggests it mostly consists of Styles circling his prey, giggling then saying "Come to me".

Sadly, those hoping for a 'Haylor' reunion may be disappointed. Swift's spokesperson told The Hollywood Gossip the singer is in London to "perform and pose for some magazine covers".

Styles may have stolen Swift's heart, but it seems he is less popular with the readers of the NME. They have nominated him for the music magazine's villain of the year award along with David Cameron and Korean rapper Psy. Styles will learn if he has won the less-than-desirable award when it is announced on 27 February.

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