Harry Styles lookalike gets mobbed by 1D fans

Jan 24, 2013
Richard A Jinman

The 15-year-old Milton Keynes schoolboy looks so like the pop star, girls want to marry him

PLENTY of teenage boys would like to be One Direction heart-throb Harry Styles, but 15-year-old Jacob Skelton has a much better idea of what it feels like than most.

The schoolboy, who lives with his parents on a farm near Milton Keynes, is regularly "mobbed in the street" by girls who mistake him for the 18-year-old singer, says The Sun. Skelton even "got followed around Whipsnade Zoo" recently by a group of besotted girls who thought they'd spotted Taylor Swift's former boyfriend checking out the pygmy hippos.

Skelton told the paper he'd never even heard of Styles when a friend's mother pointed out the extraordinary resemblance. Now Skelton's an "international sensation" with 10,000 followers on Twitter and a string of marriage proposals to his name. In attempt to satisfy the burgeoning demand, he has begun hosting "webcam sessions" where girls ask him questions such as, "If there was a zombie invasion, what would you do?"

There are some big differences between Styles and Skelton, the Sun points out. The former drives a new Range Rover Sport and an Audi R8 Coupe, the latter rides a "rusty bike". Styles has been linked to celebrities including Taylor Swift and Pixie Geldof, while Skelton says he "doesn't really go on dates". As for the bouffant hair: well, that's identical.

Weirdly enough, it seems that Skelton is not the only Styles doppelganger roaming the streets. Dublin's Jack Hargan says he gets stopped in the street "quite a bit" and professional lookalike Robbie Brentall is "always being asked for his autograph". Another dead ringer for Styles was captured on video as he walked past the New York hotel where One Direction were staying.

None of them look quite as identical as Skelton, however, who revealed he would try to date the singer and model Cheryl Cole if he really was a member of One Direction and not a Buckinghamshire schoolboy.

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