Ex-callgirl Jenny Thompson 'sorry' for bedding Rooney

Jan 30, 2013
Richard A Jinman

'I regret tearing Wayne and Coleen apart' says former prostitute nicknamed 'Juicy Jeni'


SORRY is not the hardest word for former prostitute Jenny Thompson who has apologised for repeatedly "bedding" footballer Wayne Rooney while his wife was pregnant with their first child.

Thompson, 23, has told The Sun she felt a "horrible guilt" for her romps with Rooney, who was rumoured to have become so fond of the Bolton callgirl who worked under the name 'Juicy Jeni' that he occasionally took her home when his wife Coleen was away.

Thompson says she justified her £1,200-a-night flings with Rooney and at least 13 other Premier League players, including Mario Balotelli, as "just a job". But after giving birth to her first baby recently she now feels "horribly responsible for tearing a family apart like that".

Coleen was reported to be in "agony" when Rooney confessed to his affair with Thompson in September 2010, the Daily Mirror said. To make matters worse, the striker told his pregnant wife his infidelity was "no big deal" and apparently delivered his mea culpa with all the emotion of "a weather forecast".

Thompson insisted that she suffered too, receiving so much "verbal abuse" from the public after she was named as the other woman in the Rooney affair that she went into a "drink and drug-fuelled spiral" and "attempted suicide". The Sun reports she also binged on tattoos and cosmetic surgery procedures including Botox, cheek and lip fillers and "an eyebrow procedure".

"I just wanted to change myself somehow," she says.

But time is a great healer and Rooney and his wife are now expecting their second child. Thompson says she's also a changed woman. She has turned her back on vice and has "hardly been out of the house" since giving birth to daughter Izabella.

"I made mistakes which I deeply regret, but now I want to set my daughter a good example," she says.

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