Stripper 'arrests' Harry Styles as he wears mum's shirt

Feb 4, 2013

The One Direction star seems to have taken some style tips from his mother for his birthday bash

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IT WASN'T the clothes shed by a stripper at Harry Styles' 19th birthday party that shocked the Daily Mail, so much as the distinctive blue-and-white shirt the One Direction star chose to wear for his big night on the town.

According to the Mail, pictures posted on Twitter show Styles' mum, Anne Cox, apparently wearing the same shirt as the one her son sported at a trendy club in east London's Dalston on Saturday night. The newspaper points out that Styles is "famously close" to his mother so perhaps they went shopping together for identical blue shirts emblazoned with white hearts.

Styles' big night apparently got off to a flying start when he treated 39 "pals" to a "slap up meal" comprising fried chicken and duck wings washed down with Margaritas, beer and champagne. After moving on to The Alibi club in Dalston, the pals – including Pixie Geldof, TV presenter Miquita Oliver and Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw – were delighted by the appearance of a stripper dressed as a policewoman. Styles was 'arrested' by the 'WPC', but there's no indication if the charge sheet included crimes against music.

The Sun says the "curvy brunette" proceeded to give the singer a lap dance then stripped down to her underwear. She told Styles she had forgotten her truncheon, but would make do with a pair of martial arts 'nunchucks' instead. Which is all rather bizarre, the paper notes.

Luckily, Styles' ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift was not on hand to witness the bawdy revels. Only one of his bandmats, Niall Horan, made it out - his other 1D bandmates were "either not invited" or chose to party elsewhere.

Pictures published by The Sun show Styles "grinning ear-to-ear" as the fake WPC takes down his "particulars".

Styles confirmed: "She stripped down to her underwear but unfortunately there was a no-nudity policy in the bar. Then a guy in our group came up and said, 'I went to college with her!'"

The singer's night ended at about 4.30am when he left a Mayfair club looking appropriately "worse for wear".

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