David Beckham sprints through LA in his undies - video

The footballer drops his guard and his bathrobe in a new underwear ad directed by Guy Ritchie

LAST UPDATED AT 16:20 ON Wed 6 Feb 2013

FOR a multi-millionaire, David Beckham seems prepared to go to extraordinary lengths to recover a missing dressing gown.

A new video clip directed by Guy Ritchie, shows PSG’s latest recruit sprinting through gardens and backyards in Los Angeles wearing only his underwear. He is in pursuit of his dressing gown which has been ripped from his body after becoming caught in the rear door of a Land Rover carrying his children to school.

The clip, an advertisement for the range of Beckham bodywear stocked by H&M, shows the footballer hopping over a garden fence, running through a tennis court, interrupting a game of garden football and swimming through a woman’s pool. He finally abandons the chase, but not before a packed tour bus gets an unexpected view of Beckham’s heavily-tattooed body.

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