Taylor Swift mocks Harry Styles at Grammys - video

American singer takes a swipe at ex-boyfriend by imitating his accent in awards show performance

LAST UPDATED AT 15:51 ON Mon 11 Feb 2013

TAYLOR SWIFT used her performance of the opening song at last night's Grammy Awards to take a swipe at her ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles.

Speculation has been rife that Swift – who has a tendency to shred her exes by writing humiliating songs about them – would pen a lacerating ode about the One Direction singer with whom she split after a massive argument during their Christmas holiday in the British Virgin Islands.

Instead, she customised an existing song – her hit We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - to deliver a body blow to the tousle-haired London ladies' man.

When Swift came to the part in the song where she is having a phone conversation with her ex-boyfriend she suddenly switched to a British accent. "So he calls me and goes, 'I still love you ...'" she sang, using a distinct London accent to pronounce the last four words. Swift dropped back into her own American accent for the next line: "And I'm like, 'I'm sorry, I'm busy opening the Grammys.'"

Swift has never used a British accent in a performance of the song previously and the Twittersphere lit up last night as fans of Swift and One Direction debated if the 23-year-old American really had "dissed" 19-year-old Styles.

The answer seems to be 'yes', but not everyone was impressed by the public put-down. "Honestly I loved Taylor Swift, but now I feel like she just wants attention," tweeted one former fan. "If you date 14 guys within three years, maybe you're the problem..."

The Independent points out that the Grammys incident "may make life uncomfortable" at the Brit Awards next week when both Swift and Styles are due to perform at London's O2 Arena.

Still, one has to admire Swift's ability to use one song to admonish several men. It might even free her up to write lyrics about something else besides failed love affairs.

Check out Swift's swipe at Styles in the video below.

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I dont know what funnier the fact she thought that was funny or the fact she thought it was mature enough for a twenty something year old girl to do that

What a fool of a young'un

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