Why Adele gave Chris Brown an ear-bashing at the Grammys

Feb 12, 2013
Richard A Jinman

British soul diva takes R&B bad boy to task after he stays in his chair during ovation for Frank Ocean

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Since this story was published Adele has denied she admonished Chris Brown at the Grammy Awards. "Chris Brown and I were complimenting each other in that photo actually!" she wrote on her Twitter account.

BRITISH soul diva Adele publicly chastised American R&B singer Chris Brown for refusing to join a standing ovation for his rival, Frank Ocean, at the Grammy Awards, it has emerged since the Sunday night ceremony.

Photographs show Adele giving Brown a serious ear-bashing after he remained slouched in his seat when the Grammy for urban contemporary album went to Ocean. Brown, who was nominated in the same category, had a brawl with Ocean in the car park of a Los Angeles recording studio last month that triggered a police investigation.

As the Starpulse website points out, the tongue-lashing from Adele marked the end of a particularly bad week for Brown.

On Wednesday, an investigation began into allegations that he falsified the amount of community service he is supposed to have performed after he was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. TMZ reports that Bryan Norwood, the police chief who "signed off" on Brown’s community service and wrote a letter to the court "vouching" for the singer, handed in his resignation today. TMZ understands the Brown scandal "accelerated" his decision to quit.

On Saturday, the day before the Grammy Awards, Brown wrecked his Porsche in Los Angeles as he tried to evade paparazzi.

Adele was widely praised for taking Brown to task today. "Respect to Adele for doing what the Grammy producers refused to do by nominating Brown and putting him in that front-row seat," wrote Amanda Dobbins on the Vulture website.

"If there was any justice people would shout at Chris Brown wherever he went, all of the time," wrote Paul Tamburro on the Craveonline website.

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Adele may have a good singing voice, but she is as common as muck, when she opens her mouth its sound like a sewer what spills from it. she should mind her own business. I commend Brown for not being fake, why pretend u like and support an artist when you don't. And i'm no CB fan. But there are too many fake people in Hollywood. I'm this case CB is being victimized. thank God for Jesus or we would all go to hell, cause none of us are sinless or blameless.. We ll should forgiveness.. Let CB live his life. I cant understand why CB is forever being singled out. when other stars, much older and wiser are guilty of the same... Damn that black Skin!

Akon & Miguel also didn't stand up - guess they aren't Breezy!!! Sanctions time for all then - for not joining in the ovation for the great leader 'Frank Ocean' by the N.Korea communist party branch, Hollywood.
As for the naysayers - Breezy only went home with the baddest chick in the game -ok haters don't go jumping off bridges!!