Justin Bieber 'tantrum led to two-hour delay' at 02 gig

Mar 6, 2013

A late start, computer games and a massive hissy fit were the real reasons for Monday's 'chaotic' concert

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JUSTIN BIEBER blamed it on "technical issues". Now it's been reported that the two-hour delay which left young fans at his first London concert in tears, and infuriated parents who had paid up to £331 for tickets, was caused by the teen heartthrob having a "massive tantrum".

The Sun claims the 19-year-old star lost his cool in spectacular fashion before Monday's sold-out show at the O2, yelling: "It's my gig! I'll go out when I want". Staff pleaded with the singer to go on stage, but he refused.

The paper quotes an unnamed source who says Bieber "got up late" on the day of the concert, then spent hours in his room playing computer games. Prior to the gig he "blanked" a 15-year-old fan who had won a competition to meet him, spending just "seconds" with the girl before walking away.

"He [Bieber] was arguing with members of his management, his family. It was a really uncomfortable atmosphere. His attitude was, 'I'm the star and I can do what I want'," the source said.

The competition winner and her friend – who are too scared to be named because they fear reprisals from the singer's "fiercely loyal fans" - queued for three hours to meet him backstage at the 02. In the end he spent "less than ten seconds" with the girls and when one of them asked for a cuddle he said: "I don't have time."

A spokesman for the singer refused to comment on The Sun's claims. But widespread criticism of Monday's "chaotic" show - which saw some parents carrying sleeping children out of the venue after Bieber came on stage at 10.22pm - appears to have left an impression. Last night's gig at the O2 started two minutes early, with Bieber tweeting: "On time and ready. London lets do it!!"

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