Shut up when a man is talking, says Johnny Rotten - video

Apr 11, 2013

Former Sex Pistol branded a sexist pig after telling Australian female TV anchor not to interrupt him

FORMER Sex Pistol John Lydon – a.k.a. Johnny Rotten - has been branded a "flat-out sexist, misogynist pig" after he told a female journalist to "shut up" during a TV interview.

The 57-year-old, currently touring with his band Public Image Ltd, clashed with anchor Carrie Bickmore when he appeared via videolink on Australian current affairs TV show The Project.

After Bickmore asked him his thoughts on the death of Margaret Thatcher, Lydon snapped back: "Shut up. Whoever you are, shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Now listen, when a man is talking do not interrupt."

When she tried to laugh off his jibes, he said: "Stop it. You sound like one of them dreadful loud birds I don’t like."

Lydon soon turned his ire on Bickmore’s male co-hosts, telling them: "You have to learn what manners and respect is. I’m Johnny f***ing Rotten and I’m telling you the truth."

In the wake of the interview, the punk rock singer has denied he is a misogynist. Speaking to journalists in Sydney yesterday, he said: "My only enemies are the governments and institutions. Certainly not women", the Daily Express notes.

Lydon also addressed the issue of the celebratory parties held in the wake of Thatcher's death. "I'm not happy about the boo boo parties", he said. "When someone dies, give them respect. Enemy or not."

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