Nick Griffin stars in bizarre 'racist' cookery show – video

Jan 9, 2014

Bankrupt British National Party leader appears to be following in the footsteps of Jamie Oliver

AN attempt by British National Party leader Nick Griffin to make his own cookery show has been met with incredulity from viewers. 

The politician, who last week filed for bankruptcy, has made what appears to be the first of a series of cookery programmes for BNP TV, his party's channel on YouTube.

Standing in a kitchen in a Help for Heroes rugby shirt, Griffin shows viewers how to make a beef stew – "a recipe for beating the Tory blues" – for just £10. He explains that he wants to provide simple, cheap recipe ideas to BNP members whose "wives can't afford to put enough decent food on the table".

Griffin gets down to the basics with advice such as "different things take different times to cook" and "take the tin foil off your stock cubes", reports The Independent. But he cannot help throwing in a couple of asides on immigration too.

"English cookery actually for centuries was the best in Europe," he says at one point. "It only became very simple after the Hanoverians came over from Germany."

Later he tells viewers the word "curry" first appears in a cookery book during the reign of Richard II. "So don't let people tell you that you have to have huge numbers of immigrants to have good cooking."

He goes on: "We've got a Mexican restaurant in a town not far from here. The place isn't swamped with Mexicans. You take the recipe – that's really all you need."

The Metro, which describes Griffin as "the new Jamie Oliver" or "Master(race)Chef", points out that the key ingredient is, of course, British beef as well as plenty of "traditionally English" root vegetables.

More than 16,000 people have tuned in to watch the first 33-minute show online, with many turning to Twitter to express their disbelief. "The strangest way to be racist I've ever seen," said one tweeter, while others described the show as "racist cookery", "absurd" and a "popularity plea".

One tweeter joked that the show "probably starts off by getting some eggs and separating the whites", while another warns viewers: "Don't expect black pudding."

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Come on guys --- cookery depends on what it tastes like. That is why Brits prefer foreign restaurants.

What's racist about it??

All I see is a guy cooking, what is so bad about it?

...this is just as informative as a Jamie Oliver presentation. Nick doesn't have much personality but it is stretching a point to say that this programme was racist! I think that he would have many more viewers if he were to be more irreverent and controversial without being overtly racist.

Perhaps he could get pissed on the beer and make a complete mess of things, then invite viewers to tune again to see if he can get it right next time!

Of course, those seeking to be offended WILL be offended - a Leftie and luvvie tendency, I fear.