Carla Bruni ‘pregnant at last’ says French magazine

Carla Bruni

Un petit Bruni-Sarkozy est sur la route, according to Closer - and the Elysee Palace is not denying it

BY Jack Bremer LAST UPDATED AT 09:59 ON Mon 25 Apr 2011

Is Carla Bruni pregnant? Le tout Paris is gripped (well, sort of) after the French edition of the magazine Closer declared at the weekend that France's first lady is in the first weeks of her pregnancy or grossesse.

It is, the magazine warns its reader solemnly, a 'fragile' pregnancy, one not without risk. "We must not forget that she is 43."

Closer published its claim without seeking confirmation from President Sarkozy's office because, its editorial director Laurence Pieau said, if they had called the Elysee Palace, "no one would have responded". However, Pieau insists the magazine is absolutely certain of its information and that it has been corroborated by separate sources.

In the age of super-injunctions, this might not be considered watertight evidence. But Closer's story has not been denied by the Elysee Palace - it has brought only a No Comment - and the rumour has been followed up by several Paris newspapers, including the Figaro.

It is well known that Carla had hoped to get pregnant: she told the Parisian press often enough.

A grossesse would also explain her recent disappearing act. She has spent so much time out of the public eye in recent weeks that some commentators have suggested she is an unhappy prisoner of the Elysee, sacrificing her personal life and career for the sake of her unpopular husband (his polls are at an all-time low).

It has even been reported that her husband's advisers had stopped her attending the Cannes film festival next month for the premiere of Woody Allen's film Midnight in Paris, in which she has a small role. The Sunday Times reported yesterday that it was felt her appearance on the red carpet might be inappropriately "flashy" at a time when so many French people are suffering the effects of the recession.

Now, it seems, she might have to miss Cannes because she's expecting a baby. If it's true, the child will be her second. She has a 10-year-old son, Aurelien, by the philosopher Raphael Enthoven.

As for Sarkozy, it will be his fourth. He has two boys, now in their 20s, by his first wife, Marie-Dominique, and a 14-year-old boy by his second wife, Cecilia. · 

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