Kate paired with Harry in royal wedding mug mishap

royal wedding mug

Royal wedding mug-maker mixes up royal mugshots – by accident or design?

BY Ben Riley-Smith LAST UPDATED AT 15:25 ON Wed 16 Mar 2011

Prince Harry has mistakenly been depicted as Kate Middleton's fiance on a commemorative mug available for sale on the internet. The image of a grinning Harry, dressed in dark suit and tie, is labeled 'Will'. They managed to get 'Kate' right.
The mug is sold by Guandong Enterprises, seemingly a Chinese business, though close inspection of the website reveals the company is "registered in England and Wales".  
Under the heading "The Fairytale Romantic Union of All The Centuries" Guandong boasts of the "beautiful cup" commemorating "the wedding of HRH Prince William and his stunning lady bride to be".

Making "this great moment in history", the website urges customers to purchase "this esteemed, limited edition heirloom to celebrate with your work associated, friends, family and loved ones" come the big day.

Theories abound: A genuine gaffe? Possibly. A spoof making fun of the Chinese propensity for getting these things wrong? Very likely. Or has it been commissioned by Harry himself for his brother’s stag do? It's the perfect receptacle for a half-pint of Cristal. · 

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