Sarah Palin uses Facebook alter-ego to ‘like’ herself

Lou Sarah or Sarah Palin Facebook page

Unmasking of Facebook user ‘Lou Sarah’ exposes Sarah Palin’s narcissism

BY Tim Edwards LAST UPDATED AT 12:36 ON Wed 23 Feb 2011

Sarah Palin is well-known for using her official Facebook and Twitter accounts to spread the message direct to her beloved 'ordinary Americans' without it being distorted by the hated 'mainstream media'.

But the failed vice-presidential candidate has been caught using a second, more secretive, Facebook account to spread her love to herself, 'liking' her official Facebook fan page and commenting favourably on her daughter Bristol's appearances on the reality TV show Dancing With the Stars.

The political gossip site Wonkette unearthed evidence of Palin's split personality after discovering her email address in an unedited manuscript of a forthcoming book by her former aide Frank Bailey.

The 500-page manuscript has been widely circulated, but while other journalists reported on revelations that Palin allegedly broke state election law in her 2006 gubernatorial campaign and was consumed by petty grievances, Wonkette took advantage of a flaw in Facebook security well-known to stalkers the world over. By punching the email address into the social networking site, they were able to see what user accounts were associated with it.

They found a person called 'Lou Sarah' (Palin's middle name is Louise) whose Facebook activity revolves around the world of Palin. Fortunately for sniggering liberals across America, 'Lou' fails to grasp the concept of privacy settings, allowing her recent activity to be perused by anyone with a Facebook account (above).

Lou Sarah, who sadly hasn't uploaded a profile picture, has a mere 13 friends, only one of whom, brother Chuck Heath, is a member of the Palin clan.

Lou takes a keen interest in Bristol Palin, who appeared in Dancing With the Stars last year, and comments on the 20-year-old's fan page several times. After the final show, when Bristol came third in the competition, Lou writes: "You are our winner! Thank you for remembering the Lord in your nice remarks".

It isn't just Bristol in whom Lou takes an interest. The mysterious Facebooker is a fan of Sarah Palin's page and has 'liked' Fox News videos about her, including one called 'Sarah Palin's favourite things'. Lou also posted a message to Sarah Palin reading simply: "Amen".

With Palin's bizarre behaviour taking political narcissism to new heights, some in America are suggesting that she might be ready for a White House 2012 bid after all. · 

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