Stuart Cable's girlfriend launches alcohol campaign

Feb 22, 2011
Sophie Taylor

Girlfriend Rachel Cable says: 'Prevention is better than cure, and there's no cure for death'

The girlfriend of the late Stuart Cable has started a campaign to raise awareness of the potentially lethal effects of alcohol, holding up the former Stereophonics member’s death last June as a warning.
The drummer, one of the band's original founding members, died choking on his own vomit after a three-day vodka binge. He was apparently trying to get fit for a gig with the band Killing for Company at the Download festival, and had decided to drink only vodka due to its lower calorie content than beer and other alcoholic drinks.
A known alcoholic and drug-addict - whisky and cocaine were rumoured to be his favourite combination - Cable had been chucked out of Stereophonics by frontman Kelly Jones in 2003.
Now, Rachel Jones, his girlfriend when he died, is speaking out about the potentially lethal effects of too much booze. "People need to be aware that spirits can lead to deaths," said Jones. "Prevention is better than cure, and there’s no cure for death."
She is also calling for better labelling of alcohol as part of the campaign Think Before You Drink.

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