Jeremy Paxman: goodbye to ‘crap’ Newsnight email

Feb 3, 2011
Sophie Taylor

Newsnight presenter hits out at ‘visionary senior management’ for another 'brilliant' initiative

Invited to write the last ever email to Newsnight viewers yesterday following a BBC decision to scrap the daily missive, presenter Jeremy Paxman took the opportunity to slag off his bosses for coming up with the "fatuous" idea in the first place.

"Welcome to positively the last Newsnight daily email," he wrote. "The time has come to put this exercise in fatuousness out of its misery. It gives me no pleasure to say that it should have happened years ago. Actually, I lie. There is more joy in heaven, etc, etc.

"The reason for killing it off is pretty straightforward. It's crap.
Conscientious readers may have noticed that Monday's e-mail this week was actually promoting a programme which went out last week. A carrier pigeon would have been quicker."

Paxman, who a few years ago got similar enjoyment out of seeing off a nightly weather report on Newsnight, went on: "The daily email was dreamed up - like so many other utterly brilliant initiatives - by visionary senior management at the BBC."

A BBC spokesman said: "The readers of the daily email will be familiar with Jeremy's inimitable style and won't be surprised of news of its demise being delivered in this manner. The email has come to the end of its life and has been succeeded by other services such as the Newsnight Twitter feed, our Facebook page and blogs."

At least Paxman didn't call anyone a cunt: that was his last faux-pas, reported earlier this week after he mangled the word "cuts" in a Newsnight item on government tax plans.

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