Suicide teen Amanda Todd: Anonymous 'reveals stalker’

Oct 16, 2012

Fifteen-year-old killed herself after online bully sent nude images of her to 'everyone’ she knew

AS TRIBUTES were paid to a 15-year-old Canadian girl who was driven to suicide after a campaign of bullying, hacktivist group Anonymous last night claimed to have identified her stalker.

Amanda Todd killed herself last Wednesday, weeks after posting a video on YouTube describing how an online stalker sent nude images of her to "everyone" she knew.

In the nine-minute video she told her story with a set of handwritten notes. She explained that she was persuaded to expose her breasts via a webcam to a stranger who then sent the photo to her school friends. The images were then used to torment her on social media.

Todd, from Port Coquitlam, near Vancouver, changed schools repeatedly but this did not stop the bullying and she was physically attacked by classmates.

Yesterday, Anonymous posted a dramatic YouTube clip in which a man disguised in a Guy Fawkes mask reveals the identity of "Amanda Todd's punisher".

The hacker, whose voice has been distorted, names a 32-year-old man from Vancouver, describing him as "the paedophile that social engineered Amanda Todd into supplying him nude pictures". The Anonymous message also describes the man as "an abomination to our society" and claims that he "will be punished".

The alleged stalker has now been threatened online by others vowing to carry out vigilante justice, a development that worries Vancouver defence lawyer Eric Gottardi.

"The system isn't supposed to convict someone before charges are laid. It's not supposed to be judge, jury and executioner, all in the public forum," Gottardi told CBC News. "We have a justice system. It's supposed to work, it does work."

During a memorial service for Todd yesterday, her friends said they had been aware of an unknown man in his 30s "stalking" her for years. "There were multiple accounts with random names. There were Twitter accounts also used," said one of Todd's friends who was sent the images.

The Royal Canadian Mounted police said they would investigate the claims as part of their ongoing inquiry into what led to her death.

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For anyone who is interested, I suggest you visit youtube and find the video 'The Daily Capper - Week of December 19,2010' - Amanda Todd is mentioned - note that the Capper Awards give awards for 'Blackmailer of the Year', but also note that Amanda was blocked from several sites for repeated actions. Really - this sort of thing seems to have been not only prevalent for years, but actively encouraged.

"We have a justice system. It's supposed to work, it does work."

Really, so how come this creep was stalking her for years then? If the system worked then it would have protected her and she'd be alive.

Seem all around the world the criminals are the winners and those meant to be protecting us have lost the plot a long time ago, or is it deliberate, to make us live in fear and be dependent upon them, especially as arms for personal protection are banned in most western countries.

The internet is full of gullible people tricked by teenagers posing as Anonymous. Did anyone else look at the YouTube user's other videos? No? The other video uploaded a day or two before this one was about "Amanda Todd's existence being a hoax by the media".

Now news outlets are being tricked and re-reporting a fabricated story.

Go on youtube right now and look at user: anonymous204012 and all of their videos. Notice the first two are completely fake Anonymous videos

"During a memorial service for Todd yesterday, her friends sai
d" - wrong, she said to have nobody. She was either a bully or someone who didn't care at all.

Now her alleged colleges are trying to look good because their pranks escalated badly.

Poor reporting - lynch mob mentality. For goodness' sake - do your research. One day prior to this, Anonymous said it was a hoax. Now they 'name' someone against whom they hold a grudge - even police in Canada have said it's all rubbish. There was no 'persuasion' to get her to flash; several sites had banned her! 100s, if not 1000s, will have seen her videos (not isolated pictures). People WANT to believe it's one lone male predator. It is more palatable than the story of loads of 12-13 year olds voluntarily exposing themselves online and having sex, then being bullied by their peers.

Real or not, the anonymous video has led to an online ring of pedofile extortionists.
Whether Amanda Todd wa coerced into flashing, or did it on her own will, these sick bastards had no right to not only record it, but use it as blackmail against her. I am really hoping the FBI personally get involved and destroy this online ring of sexual extortionists.
Young girls make mistakes, you put a young girl with a low self esteem in a chat room with a pedofile throwing compliments at you left right and centre, that's a recipe for disaster.
That's my 2c