Breivik had 'Aryan' nose job and wanted to be like Beckham

May 30, 2012

Bizarre claims from Anders Breivik's friends paint picture of vain 'metrosexual' loner

Hakon Mosvold Larsen

Rightwing extremist Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in two attacks in Norway last year, salutes as he enters the Oslo district courtroom at the opening of his trial. Breivik told the court that he did not recognise its legitimacy.

INTIMATE details about Anders Breivik's personal life have provoked ridicule online, after friends of the self-confessed killer claimed he regularly wore make-up, had a nose job and wanted to look like David Beckham.

Two of his friends testified at his trial in Oslo yesterday that Breivik used to wear "make-up powder" and that they suspected he might be gay but was too scared to come out.

They also described Breivik, who killed 77 people during a gun and bomb rampage in Norway last July, as a "normal guy" and someone who was "tolerant". Yet he was always "obsessed" with his appearance, they claimed.

"He was very vain. He was very focused on his looks. He could be a bit feminine in his way of being," said one of Breivik's friends. The court also heard that the mass killer used to think of himself as a "metrosexual", a term devised for men who spend a lot of time on their appearance.

"He made reference to David Beckham at the time," his friends told the court in Olso.

Responding to the revelations on Twitter, author Tony Parsons commented: "It is so hard to laugh and puke at exactly the same time."

According to The Daily Telegraph, Breivik was not impressed and "angrily" denied claims of femininity and insisted he had only worn make-up to cover his acne.

He also rebuffed an allegation made by one of the two witnesses, a firefighter with whom he had been friends for 22 years, that he had plastic surgery because he wanted his nose to look less "Arab" and more "Aryan".

The other witness, an ex-girlfriend of one of Breivik's friends, claimed that a failed relationship with a Belarusian woman sparked a change in Breivik's character in 2006. It was his "last attempt at dating a girl like the other boys did," she said.

Soon after, he moved back home his mother and started playing World of Warcraft. His friends lost contact with Breivik and saw him once, two months before the attacks, when he appeared to be happy but would only talk about politics and Islam.

Breivik denies murder.

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