Tevez hates Manchester; team mates hate him

Carlos Tevez v Man Utd

The Argentine striker says Manchester ‘has nothing’

BY Jonathan Harwood LAST UPDATED AT 16:09 ON Tue 7 Jun 2011

International footballers are not renowned for their dedication and loyalty to their employers, but Carlos Tevez may have gone too far after remarking that Manchester, the city where he has plied his trade for the last four years, "has nothing". Now, even his team mates have taken umbrage at what he had to say about their home.

The sulky striker once played in the red of United and now wears the blue of City, and when he defected from one side to the other in 2009 his face was plastered on a now infamous poster with the words 'Welcome to Manchester' emblazoned on it.

But judging by his performance on an Argentine talkshow at the weekend he can't wait to say goodbye to the place. The 27-year-old, who is looking for a transfer this summer, made it abundantly clear to host Susana Gimenez that he did not like living in England and had made no new friends during his time here.

"I don't even leave my house," he lamented. "When my contract ends I will not return to Manchester ever - not even on holiday."

Asked by Gimenez what was wrong with the city, Tevez explained: "The weather, everything. It has nothing."

That level of negativity has not gone down well with some of Tevez's team mates and it has been reported that a delegation of City players has approached manager Roberto Mancini to ask that if Tevez, who has reportedly been offered a salary of £250,000-a-week, does return next season he is stripped of the captaincy.

It suggests that the striker's constant carping about life in the northwest is even starting to wear thin with the other players, most of whom could be accused of being fairly mercenary types unlikely to stay in Manchester for more than a few seasons themselves.

Strangely, the City fans seem less concerned about the player's uncaring attitude, and more than 1,000 have signed a petition begging him to stay with the club.

If he does relent and tries to build bridges with the other players, perhaps he could spend some time with fellow striker Mario Balotelli who last season explained that his flat had a glorious view of Manchester, and that he could set off fireworks from the balcony. · 

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