Former Archbishop speaks out on ‘injustice’ of climate change

Mar 30, 2014

Rowan Williams blames climate change on the West on eve of publication of latest UN climate report

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WESTERN lifestyles are to blame for the devastation caused by climate change, according to former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams. His outspoken intervention comes on the eve of the publication of a United Nations climate study that is expected to warn that Africa, South America and Asia will suffer most over the coming decades.

Writing in the Telegraph, Dr Williams says “rich industrialised countries, including our own, have unquestionably contributed most” to the atmospheric pollution that has resulted in climate change.

Dr Williams shies away from overt criticism of climate change sceptics, but writes repeatedly of the injustice of climate change, observing that as devastating as the winter storms that hit the UK earlier this year were, such scenes are nothing new for millions of people around the planet: “There is a particularly bitter injustice about the fact that those suffering its worst ravages – such as the pastoralists of northern Kenya or the Quilombolas of Brazil, descendants of former slaves cultivating territories increasingly desolated by deforestation – have done least to contribute to it.”

Dr Williams adds that unless we “step up the urgency of our response, profound injustice will be done both to the poor of today and to the entire global population of tomorrow”.

Scientists on the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will tomorrow publish their latest report.

They are expected to say that the cost of combating the effects of a 2.5C rise in temperature by the end of the century - thought likely by many scientists - will be £60 billion a year. The report is thought to say that climate change will hit Africa, South America and Asia worst and predict droughts, food shortages and a rise in diseases such as malaria in coming decades.

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32 years of needless CO2 panic can only be judged as a pure war crime in the history books.
The "fact" is that science has agreed for 32 years with 95% certainty that it "could" be a crisis but "believers" exaggerate this meaningless consensus to a "belief" that it WILL be a crisis for billions of innocent children. Climate blame is a tired old "could be" crisis and not one scientist has ever said it "will be" or anything beyond "could be" and never "inevitable" like how they say comet hits are. Yet these climate blaming humanity haters have no problem telling their own kids that science "believes" the end is near. Climate blame has done to libs what Bush did for cons.

Right, you are the one who hates humanity. You are engaging in projection, something very common among people who suffer from the mental illness of Climate Denial.

If we aren't headed for total polar meltdown, just with the carbon already in the air, name a single previous point in Earth's history polar ice caps were able to withstand levels of CO₂ as high as we've raised them.

If such a point existed, why hasn't a single person been able to name it?