American father destroys teenager's laptop with gun

Feb 14, 2012

'This right here is my .45' says Dad, before firing nine rounds into his daughter's computer

A NORTH CAROLINA father has dispensed some tough love to his grumpy teenager by destroying her laptop with his .45 pistol, creating an internet sensation the process.
Tommy Jordan was furious to discover that his 15-year-old daughter Hannah had used her Facebook account to lodge a lengthy complaint about the chores her parents asked her to do.

Hannah had thought the rant would go unnoticed after she changed her privacy settings on the social networking site. Unfortunately her father works in IT and easily found his way around her beefed-up security. He was unimpressed by what he read.

Jordan answers some of Hannah's complaints during a seven-minute video response before turning the camera around to show his daughter's computer and saying: "That right there is your laptop, and this right here is my .45."

He then fires nine rounds into the computer, including "one from your momma", before summing up with: "You can have a new laptop when you buy a new laptop, and when you pay me back the $130 I spent on yours."

Jordan then posted his video on his daughter's Facebook page. It has since attracted almost 23m views in less than a week.

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