Brazilian model Nana ridiculed for Sandy devastation poses

Nov 2, 2012

Nana Gouvea's cringe-worthy poses amid scenes of New York chaos make her an internet celebrity

A LITTLE-KNOWN Brazilian glamour model, Nana Gouvea, has provoked a social media storm by posting ludicrous photographs of herself leaning against fallen trees and sitting on destroyed cars in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

The 30-year-old New York-based model, who the Daily Mail claims has "graced" the pages of Playboy Brazil, took the opportunity accorded by Sandy - current death toll 90 and rising - to throw a few shapes with the dramatic backdrops of the city in chaos behind her.

In a series of photographs posted on her Facebook page that were taken by her husband Carlos Keyes, Gouvea can be seen standing astride a car crushed by a falling tree, pouting alongside the splintered trunk of another tree, and standing in the middle of a blocked NYC street.

After an initial outcry against her opportunism, Gouvea made matters worse by giving an interview to Brazilian magazine EGO - fittingly - in which she spoke of her love for hurricanes, and explained coyly how the strom had given her and Keyes time to spend together in bed.

Gouvea's snaps have already provoked much mockery across the internet, with Gawker, the Manhattan-based purveyors of snark, forced onto a back-up server in the aftermath of Sandy, leading the charge.

"The turmoil following a devastating natural disaster is a great opportunity to get out there and try poses, angles, and wardrobe choices you normally wouldn’t," Gawker jeered. "This is a time for introspection and re-examining your personal style. Also a great time to stomp all over cars and things."

Meanwhile, Gouvea's fame has spread far beyond New York as Facebook and tumblr sites - both titled Nana Gouvea in Disasters - immediately sprung up in the wake of her shots, showing the pouting model Photoshopped into scenes such as the Hindenberg disaster and at the Tiananmen Square massacre.

Gouvea told EGO that her photos shouldn't be seen in a negative light as she had been fully clothed at the time and hadn't tried to sexualise the disaster.

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