Freddie Starr backtracks over meeting girl on Savile show

Oct 9, 2012

Girl who claims Starr abused her can be seen standing behind the comedian in 1974 TV clip

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VETERAN TV comic Freddie Starr was forced to backtrack about meeting a girl who claims he abused her after a film emerged of them both appearing on a Jimmy Savile show in 1974.

Karin Ward claims Starr tried to molest her in Savile's BBC dressing room when she was 14 years old and also says she saw Gary Glitter raping a 13-year-old girl in Savile's dressing room on a different occasion.

Last week she told ITV News: "I was horribly, horribly humiliated by Freddie Starr, who had a very bad attack of wandering hands and had groped me, and I didn't like him because he smelled like my step-father and it frightened me and freaked me out, and I rebuffed him."

The allegations had prompted Starr to seek an injunction to prevent the claims being aired, but the High Court rejected his application. He strenuously denied ever meeting Ward or even going to the BBC and insisted he had only met Savile twice in his life.

But the 69-year-old comedian was proven wrong after Channel 4 unearthed footage of Savile's show Clunk Click from 1974 – the very episode Ward says was being filmed the day she was abused. She can be seen sitting behind Starr as he appears as a special guest on the BBC TV show.

Last night Starr's lawyers issued a statement admitting the mistake, but still strenuously denied the "awful allegation" of abuse, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Starr had previously described Ward as "a nutter" and told reporters not to tar him with the "same brush as a scumbag and a paedophile", adding: "Paedophiles are a pet hate of mine, so I refute it completely."

Last night Starr's spokesman said the comedian "cannot be expected to recollect every show that he has appeared on and to remember every person that he has met".

The spokesman admitted Starr was "mistaken" about appearing on a Savile show but said: "This does not detract away from the fact that Freddie vigorously denies the awful allegation that has been made by Karin Ward, which despite this footage is still totally unsupported and uncorroborated by any other evidence."

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Such allegations are too easy to make and very hard to refute. Perhaps the Compensation Culture might have something to do with this sudden rush of revelations and "recollections"? Or am I being cynical?

freddie starr has a track record for abuse and violence - not difficult to believe he did this.... some of his ex wives might tell an interesting story....

Most are anonymous and not seeking compensation. You are not being cynical enough when it comes to these guys.

The very idea that someone could recall a person standing near them in a TV studio nearly 40 years ago is madness.
Now the claimant must come up with evidence that Glitter was in the TV studio on the same date as Starr.
Odd that so many are claiming that Savile was so all powerful that he could silence everyone. Starr certainly didn't have that power nor did Glitter so why the silence until now?
If these claims turn out to be true then all those media outlets and tabloids lining up to condemn the BBC might ask themselves why they promoted Savile endlessly if the rumours were such common knowledge. Or are they trying to claim they were left out of the loop when hacks are bigger gossips than anyone?