John Peel 'got 15-year-old girl pregnant in three-month affair'

Oct 12, 2012

DJ is the latest celebrity to be dragged into the Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal at the BBC

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THE reputation of John Peel, one of the BBC’s most respected disc jockeys until his death in 2004, has been dragged into the widening Jimmy Savile abuse scandal by a woman claiming that Peel got her pregnant at 16.

Jane Nevin, now 59, claims she began an affair with the Radio 1 DJ after meeting him backstage at a Black Sabbath concert in 1969 when she was a 15-year-old schoolgirl. She was "totally in awe" of Peel, who was 30 at the time. The pair used to go to his London BBC studio or backstage at concerts to have sex but split up when Nevin’s mother found out about the relationship, she said.
However, Nevin discovered she was pregnant shortly after, aged 16, and had a "traumatic" abortion at a clinic in Ealing.
"I was devastated when I found out I was pregnant," she told the Daily Mail. "I didn't even think about telling John. I just wanted it to be over."

Nevin wrote to Peel out of the blue 30 years later mentioning their brief affair. He replied with a postcard expressing his relief that she was not writing to confess that she had had his secret lovechild.
Nevin, who lives in Capel, Surrey, said Peel "must have known" she was still at school, but added that he didn't ask and she didn't tell him.
Peel had unprotected sex with her shortly after boasting on-air that he had been suffering from a venereal disease, the Mail reports. He also ran a Schoolgirl of the Year competition on his long-running late-night Radio 1 show and admitted that he received sexual favours from young fans, once quipping: "Well, of course, I didn't ask for ID."

At the time of his alleged affair with Nevin, Peel was separated from Shirley Anne Milburn, a fan he had married in 1965 in America when she was only 15. He later claimed she had lied about her age.
"Looking back," said Nevin, "it was terribly wrong and I was perhaps manipulated. But it was a different era."

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What these guys did was wrong, but equally at fault are the music industry, compliant media and indeed the parents of kids who allow idols to whip up young teenage girls into a frenzy, and their daughters to go wild, and then ends up with these kind of situations arising.

It started at least as far back as the Beatles with young girls going absolutely wild. If it's illegal to have sex with girls below 16 then it should be illegal to deliberately turn them on below the age of 16.

The duplicity of the press et al knows no bounds...but hey, anything goes for a bit of profit doesn't it guys?

And it's still going on these day with X factor and the whole music industry and fashion industry sexualising young girls.

Appalling but true, and it needs a who morality shift to fix it...but here's me just being "old fashioned". Time to wake up and smell the coffee, hypocrites.

While I have no knowledge about the majority of the accusations leveled at John Peel, I thought it had been established that the 'schoolgirl of the year' competition had been proven to be nonsense?

As far as I'm aware, he ran a tongue-in-cheek (the radio format obviously not ideal for such things) 'Girl of Year' competition one year - no mention of age - which was eventually won by a photo of one and a half rhinoceroses.