BBC ignored my Savile abuse complaint, says TV director

Oct 12, 2012

David Nicolson caught Savile having sex with a 'very, very young' girl in BBC dressing room

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A FORMER TV director who worked on Jim'll Fix It has claimed he told BBC bosses at the time how he caught Jimmy Savile having sex with a young girl – and how they ignored his complaint.

David Nicolson, now 67, told The Sun that he walked into Savile's dressing room to "talk business" one day in 1988 and found him having sex with a "very, very young" girl.

"It was a bog-standard changing room in the basement. They both quickly pulled up their pants. The girl could have been 16, maybe 15. But she was just one of many – he always had one in the room," he explained. "He said 'What do you want, young man?' and shouted at me to get out of the room."

But Nicolson, who worked with Savile for over 10 years, said his bosses just shrugged it off when he told them what he had seen. He was told "That's Jimmy" and "Yeah, yeah – that's the way it goes."

The former director has alleged that there were always girls in Jimmy's dressing room and "everyone would have known about it", from hair and make-up people to bosses at the highest levels.

A BBC spokesperson said: "We have been disturbed to hear these allegations. All staff past and present who have any information relating to allegations of this kind should raise them with the BBC's internal investigations unit or with the police directly."

The BBC has set up an internal investigation headed by Ken MacQuarrie, director of BBC Scotland, into the decision in December 2011 to drop a Newsnight report containing sexual abuse allegations against Savile.

Meanwhile, Julie Fernandez, a disabled actress who starred in The Office, has said she was groped by Savile as a 14-year-old when she took part in an edition of Jim'll Fix It.

"I was in my wheelchair, but I just remember his hands being everywhere and just lingering those two, three, four seconds slightly too long in places they shouldn't. But it wasn't particularly obvious either," she told BBC Radio 5 live presenter Nicky Campbell today.

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