Dave Lee Travis 'put hand up teen's skirt' on Radio 1 show

Oct 15, 2012

DLT denies claims that he fondled two women as Savile is accused of abusing 9-year-old cub scout

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FORMER Radio 1 presenter Dave Lee Travis is the latest celebrity to be drawn into the sexual abuse scandal at the BBC.

Two women have accused him of fondling them in the 1970s and 1980s. One of the women, who was just 17 at the time and wishes to remain unnamed, claims Travis put his hand up her skirt in 1977.

The other, Vivien Creegor, went on to become a presenter on Sky News. She says Travis "jiggled her breasts" when she was live on Radio 4 in the 1980s.

The claims, made in the Daily Mail and reported to the police, follow allegations from female presenters Liz Kershaw and Sandi Toksvig that they were routinely groped by male colleagues at the BBC.

Travis, who hosted the Radio One Breakfast Show from 1978 to 1980, yesterday said in a statement: "I categorically deny that there is any substance in either allegation and I'm genuinely surprised that allegations of this nature have been made. I totally refute any impropriety."

Meanwhile, the late Jimmy Savile has been accused of abusing a nine-year-old cub scout in the 1970s, the youngest known victim of the BBC DJ.

Kevin Cook, now 45, claims he was molested in the star's dressing room in return for a Jim'll Fix It badge. Cook told The Sun that Savile had threatened him not to tell anyone afterwards.

"He became really scary and said, 'Don't you dare tell anyone. Don't even tell your mates. We know where you live.' Then he said, 'Nobody would believe you anyway - I'm King Jimmy.'"

Cook, who lives with his wife and children on the Essex coast, said the abuse ruined his life as a young man, adding: "For ages I felt like it was my fault. I felt guilty."

The scandal has mushroomed since ITV screened a documentary in which five women alleged they were abused by Savile. Scotland Yard has said there are allegations against Savile spanning six decades.

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Needs to be a dividing line between those who stepped over the line and groped a person of legal age and those who clearly went out of their way to pursue under age girls and abused them.

Obviously both are serious but one much more than the other as the context and situation in which the first took place is not yet clear. All the information should be obtained before a final judgement is made on a persons character. As this could ruin their life....

Since the 60's we have had a very openly sexualised society so it is not surprising that when the music industry and media whip up teenage girls into a frenzy that their hormones will be super-charged and they'll be keen game for the perverts to take advantage of. In other words, JS and co actions whilst inexcusable need to be seen in the context of the lack of morals and sexualisation of our society, and therefore far more people beyond the BBC are guilty by association.