Blues man Obama sings with BB King and Buddy Guy

Feb 22, 2012

President shows off vocal talents with Sweet Home Chicago at White House concert (video)

MITT ROMNEY and Newt Gingrich had better take up singing lessons, because Barack Obama seems determined to turn the 2012 Presidential into a political version of American Idol or X-Factor.

Weeks after serenading soul legend Al Green at a Democrat fundraiser, Obama showed off his singing skills for a second time at a White House function with blues legends including BB King and Buddy Guy.

And although it was a star-studded affair in Washington, with the likes of Mick Jagger and Jeff Beck also on stage, Obama stole the show with his brief turn on the microphone.

He took some persuading but eventually the president sang a few lines of Sweet Home Chicago by the legendary Robert Johnson.

Obama took to the stage at the end of the concert to thank the performers, but they refused to let him off lightly, and Buddy Guy said it was about time the president had a go at singing.

He told him: "I heard you sang at Al Green. So you started something and you've got to keep it up now."

Obama looked distinctly unimpressed by the idea, but BB King told him: "You can do it."

The president nervously sang one line, but then grew in confidence as he finished the chorus of the song about his home town, before handing the mic back to King.

However, the performance did not end well for the president as the crowd began booing him for not carrying on.

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