Prince Charles weather forecast video goes global

May 11, 2012

The Prince and Camilla tried their hand at presenting the weather during BBC visit

HEADLINE writers have been having a field-day after Prince Charles and his wife Camilla proved they were game for a laugh by having a go at presenting the weather forecast during a visit to BBC headquarters in Glasgow.

The pair read from a specially prepared script, which paid particular attention to the weather at royal sites in Scotland including Balmoral.

Charles proved rather more confident in front of the camera than the Duchess of Cornwall, and even added a few lines of his own. He signed off from the bulletin, which promised wet and cold weather, by commenting: "Thank God it isn't a bank holiday".

Several papers dubbed Charles the Prince of Gales and there were many jokes about reign and heir pressure.

His performance drew praise from most quarters and even Guardian readers appeared to have enjoyed his cameo in front of the camera, and less than a third said his efforts had made them cringe.

The BBC proudly announced that the Prince had made headlines around the world, and that the video had proved a huge online hit.

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