Revealed: Rev Pat’s heavenly vision

Feb 25, 2008

The Rev Pat Robertson, founding father of America's ultra-conservative televangelists, has revealed what Heaven is really like. He described it in answer to a question posed by a boy on his nationally-broadcast 700 Club show ­ "What kind of clothes do they wear in Heaven, what kind of buildings are there?"

Robertson, 77, pointed out that the Bible's Book of Revelation disclosed that "the streets are of gold so pure they are like crystal", while God's light meant that there was no need for the sun and the walls of buildings were "encrusted with jewels".

Then he added: "I talked to one guy who went to heaven and he saw all these wonderful fields and flowers. I have a feeling that Heaven will be whatever it is you are looking for." Did that mean that there really are 60 virgins awaiting Islamic suicide bombers? Sadly, there were no follow-up questions, so that remains a secret.

Robertson, who founded the Christian Coalition and campaigned for the Republican nomination for the presidency in 1988, believes that Armageddon is just around the corner. His bestseller The New World Order described how it would involve black helicopters of the United Nations seizing guns from citizens, followed by the destruction of Israel.

His hopes for the fields and flowers of Heaven will be high this campaign season. For Robertson's third ingredient for Armageddon was an anti-Christ in the White House, and, he revealed, that devilish president would be a Democrat.

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