Bollywood star denies SAS sex tour

LAST UPDATED AT 09:27 ON Fri 23 May 2008

A London-based Bollywood star, Tania Zaetta, has been accused of having sexual relationships with a number of hard Australian SAS soldiers while on a morale-boosting tour of Afghanistan. The claim appears in a leaked document from the Australian defence department, which details unsubstantiated reports that the 37-year-old Zaetta had sex with a number of soldiers in the course of a 17-day tour of army bases in the country last month. This has caused an understandable hullabaloo from opposition MPs who consider it a gross breach of privacy - as well as from the actress, who vehemently denies the claims.

The Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, ordered an inquiry into how the briefing note - officially referred to as a "hot issue brief" – became public. He said: "As I understand it, these matters are under investigation within the defence department and I will leave it for that investigation to reach its own conclusions." The claim was originally believed to have been made by another entertainer, veteran rock singer 'Angry' Anderson, who was also on the tour. However he denies making the allegation.

None of this has calmed the actress. She said yesterday: "It takes the cake. I've just done this most amazing life-changing experience, been to the most unbelievable places and for this to be said, it's very hurtful. This is the most ridiculous story I've heard about my life, and I've heard plenty over the years in this industry."

Zaetta, who according to her website is the "ultimate Aussie girl" (she is of Australian and Italian origin), rose to prominence in Australia in the 1990s as the co-host of a television show called Who Dares Wins, which, as with the British regiment, is the motto of the Australian SAS. She went on to feature in a number of Bollywood movies, including a recent Charlie's Angels-style pastiche, Mr Black, Mr White. · 

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