Naomi Campbell misses scoop

LAST UPDATED AT 10:00 ON Wed 30 Jul 2008

Naomi Campbell’s latest foray into political journalism for GQ – she has already interviewed the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez (pictured with the supermodel) for the magazine – has provided stimulating results. The south London model's subject this time was Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the chic Argentine President, whom she met in Buenos Aires. She opened her inquiry, diplomatically, with a question about why Kirchner covets the Falkland Islands.

Kirchner replies: “It is the shame of a colonial enclave in the 21st century. We lived the Malvinas war very intensely. We knew about the planes that took off from the base and never landed again. I think Mrs Thatcher would know that she has won a battle. But she will never be able to hide the UK’s condition as a colonial country in the 21st century.”

A scoop on a plate - Argentina intends restating its claim to the Falklands. So what was Naomi's follow up question?  "How did you feel when you saw Madonna playing Evita on the screen?" · 

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