Tony Hadley wants a Tory seat

LAST UPDATED AT 11:27 ON Fri 22 Aug 2008

Rumours are swirling around Tory Central office that Tony Hadley, the former Spandau Ballet singer (pictured in the light mauve jacket), is looking for a seat to fight for the Conservatives at the next general election. There is certainly no doubt the crooner is a fan of the David Cameron and his resurgent party: next week his band will perform at the party’s gala dinner, following a talk by the shadow defence minister Liam Fox.

But the Tories should be wary. Hadley, 48, is something of a reactionary and definitely not a member of the "hug a hoodie" brigade. When interviewed by the Independent at the Conservative Party conference in Blackpool last year, he said: "The fabric of society is torn. I walked through Blackpool and there were gangs walking the back streets and 16-year-old pregnant women everywhere.

"What we need is for David Cameron to be like Thatcher, to say, 'Enough is enough, things have gone too far'. Five-year mandatory sentences for carrying a knife and 10 years for carrying a gun. We will build however many prisons we need." Tough talk from a man who once sang: "I dont know where love has gone/And in this trouble land/Desperation keep us strong."   · 

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