Rupert Murdoch’s bad hair day

Sep 5, 2008

The cat's out of the bag for Rupert Murdoch. Or rather the Grecian 2000’s out of the bottle. In the new semi-authorised biography of the Australian media mogul by Michael Wolff, his daughter, Prudence MacLeod, reveals that the 77-year old News Corp boss dyes his hair. However, so sensitive is he about this that he refuses to go to a professional salon.

Says Prudence: "I've said to him, 'Dad, I understand about dyeing the hair and the age thing' – he never wants to die – 'but just go somewhere proper.' But he insists on doing it over the sink because he doesn't want anybody to know. Well, hello! Look in the mirror." Her revelation is backed up by recent photos of Murdoch, in which his thinning locks are sometimes "flaming orange", and at other times "aubergine".

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