Jonathan Aitken’s girl takes the rap for credit crunch

LAST UPDATED AT 12:31 ON Mon 24 Nov 2008

Victoria Aitken, the daughter of  the former Tory minister and jailbird Jonathan Aitken, is releasing a rap record. Its subject? The credit crunch and the devastating effect it has had on her super-rich friends. It goes like this: "Living off Daddy's plastic was so fantastic/ Just got a j-o-b, what a misery/I just want to break free/ This ain't no life for me/Vicky from the yacht, she's lost all her rocks/Vicky from the yacht, she's got holes in her socks/But take it from me, the best things in life are free."

While the lyrics might not win her plaudits, the cover of the CD is certainly well judged. It features a troupe of bikini-clad girls drinking cocktails on a luxury boat (pictured). Victoria, 27, tells the Daily Mail: "It seemed the perfect time to release this track, as everyone is suffering from economic problems due to the worldwide market crash, so hopefully it's a song anyone can relate to. I've got friends who have lost everything in this crash, and who are having to sell their homes, so they need cheering up." · 

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