Gordon Brown’s X Factor letters

LAST UPDATED AT 09:03 ON Fri 28 Nov 2008

Gordon Brown has been writing individual letters to all 12 of the finalists of ITV's The X Factor. In what could be interpreted as a craven bid to garner favour with the general public, Brown not only wishes each contestant good luck but also offers some criticism of the programme's devisor and notoriously tough judge, Simon Cowell.

While the PM does not say which of the performers he has been rooting for, he appeared to be particularly taken with Daniel Evans, a swimming pool cleaner who survived John Sergeant-style by defying harsh criticism from the judges only to be dismissed two weeks ago.

In his letter to Evans, dated November 5, Brown rebuts the claim made by Cowell that only pensioners were voting for him. "On a personal note," he writes, "can I say that the next time Simon says that you are only supported by the over-60s you can tell him that my wife Sarah and I disagree, although you would be better off mentioning Sarah rather than me as she is much further away from 60 than I am!"

Brown also offered words of support to Spanish-born Ruth Lorenzo, 25, whom Cowell had criticised for not singing in her native language. Said Lorenzo of her letter from the PM: "He said, 'Keep singing in English, girl. You're doing a great a job going against Simon’." · 

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