Kimberly Quinn becomes an author

Dec 2, 2008

Kimberley Fortier, the former publisher of the Spectator who came to public attention when in 2004 it was revealed she had had a love child with the then Home Secretary David Blunkett, has re-invented herself as a children's author.

Fortier, who now calls herself Kimberly Quinn, has signed a deal, believed to be well into six figures, with Atlantic Books. Caroline Michel, who heads up the Peter Fraser Dunlop literary agency, now a consortium led by Fortier's friend Andrew Neil, secured the deal for three titles. The first book, ominously titled The Queen Must Die, will be published in early 2010.

While no one would doubt American-born Fortier's ability to write for children, many will be disappointed that she's not opted for something more racy, using her own life as a model. There is certainly enough material. When her affair with Blunkett was revealed, she at first denied she had conceived his child. A DNA test later proved this incorrect. And in another twist to the saga, it came out that Blunkett had secured Fortier's Filipinan nanny a UK work visa, an abuse of his position that resulted in Blunkett resigning from the cabinet.

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