Tzofit Grant bases a play on Abramovich

Mar 2, 2009

When Avram Grant was removed as manager of Chelsea Football Club last year he kept schtum, principally, one presumes, because his former boss, Roman Abramovich, gave him a generous £5.2m pay-off. However, this has not stopped his colourful wife, Tzofit Grant, from drawing on her experiences and writing a play about the lifestyle of Russian oligarchs living in London.
Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph about the work, which is as yet untitled, she said: "I met all the people who inhabit Abramovich's world, from the drivers and servants to his close aides, and that has given me the material."
Should Roman be afraid? Yes and no, it seems. While Grant, 44, says the play, which she hopes to stage in the West  End later this year, is based on her insider knowledge, she insists she has not included a recognisable Abramovich character. "There are rich, powerful men in the play," she adds, "but, ultimately, the drama is about the women in that world."
Well known in Israel, where she works as an actress and television presenter - she once drunk her own urine on live television - Tzofit says her husband remains a friend of the billionaire. However, she feels Abramovich made a "critical mistake" when he fired Grant and adds that she was disappointed in him "as a friend, as a human being, as a Jew and as a football club owner".

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