Beyonce gives birth to baby Blue Ivy Carter – probably

Jan 8, 2012
David Cairns

Celebrity royalty have finally produced the baby for which the media has been waiting so long

WELCOME TO the world, Blue Ivy Carter. The good news: your parents, Beyonce and Jay-Z, are fabulously wealthy, talented and good-looking. The bad news: you will have to work hard to convince us you exist.

The problem is one of crying wolf: with the US, and global, media awaiting an announcement with increasing frustration - just when would the former Destiny's Child star oblige with a bouncing, oddly-named baby? - they took matters into their own hands.

A week ago, The Week online reported that some US media outlets had got so bored of waiting for Beyonce to produce her first child that they pre-emptively announced the birth of a baby girl called Tiana-May.

Reports claimed the proud parents had used their astonishing combined earning power as the US's highest-paid showbiz couple to book out an entire floor, complete with three luxurious 'birthing suites', of St Luke's Roosevelt Hospital in NYC.

Within hours, these excitable claims were quashed when a foodie website reported a sighting of a still en-bumped Beyonce eating dinner with her husband at a Brooklyn restaurant on New Year's Eve.

But now comes a fresh round of reports that Beyonce has given birth and that the baby is indeed a girl, to be named Blue Ivy Carter. The source is a one-line report in Beyonce's hometown newspaper, the Houston Chronicle, later confirmed by E! Online.

According to the entertainment website, Beyonce gave birth by C-section, though it is not clear what the reason for the procedure was. The singer may, or may not, have been 'too posh to push'.

Blue Ivy Carter has already provoked some criticism: Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch columnist Annie Barrett complained that it sounds like "a detergent, trendy liqueur or curious shade of denim".

But at least the news settles one question: would the baby be given her father's real surname – Carter – or go with his stage name, to be known as Blue Ivy Z…

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