Tory catfight: Nadine Dorries vs 'undignified' Louise Mensch

Aug 28, 2012

Outgoing MP feels the wrath of Dorries after defending The Sun over the naked Prince Harry photos

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OUTSPOKEN MP Nadine Dorries has declared war on her Tory colleague and fellow controversialist Louise Mensch in a vitriolic blog post describing Mensch as "unprofessional and undignified" and "void of principle".
Dorries has never had a problem criticising members of her own party - she lambasted "arrogant posh-boys" David Cameron and George Osborne last year - but her highly personal attack on Mensch on ConservativeHome is something else.
She began her tirade by attacking The Sun's decision to publish naked pictures of Prince Harry. Arguing that there was no need for the paper to have published the shots, she turned her fire on Mensch, who backed the Sun.

She accused Mensch of gross hypocrisy for citing family reasons for her recent decision to stand down as MP for Corby when "she appears on her social media site and Twitter by the minute and has no problem leaving her family, popping up on the media on a regular basis, even to condemn Prince Harry".
Mensch, said Dorries, had been responsible for "one of the most unprofessional and undignified comments ever heard in a select committee" when she left a televised hearing with James Murdoch to go on the school run. Dorries said that episode was "stomach-turning" for other female MPs.

She also accused Mensch of "schmoozing" the Murdoch family.

"Louise has always put her own ambitions first," said Dorries. "She has spent her entire time in Parliament void of principle, as an ultimate loyalist Cameroon, regardless of the issues, and then commented in frustration, 'What do I have to do to get promoted?' "
For her parting shot, Dorries hissed: "It's not as though Prince Harry has admitted to taking illegal drugs, abandoned his post, or failed to turn up to work every Thursday in the style of Louise Mensch, now is it?"
Mensch restricted herself to one catty comeback on Twitter, remarking that she was on "the Nadine Dorries naughty step... which is a pity as I spend my entire time worrying about what she thinks. (ahem)"

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