Kate Middleton 'to blame' for nurse's death, says Morrissey

Dec 13, 2012

Singer attacks royals for 'staggering arrogance' and asks: why was Kate in hospital anyway?

THE SINGER Morrissey has accused the Royal Family of "staggering arrogance" over the death of nurse Jacintha Saldanha, who apparently killed herself last week after being tricked by a hoax call from two Australian DJs seeking information about Kate Middleton's morning sickness. An inquest which opened today heard that she was found hanging by a scarf having left three notes.

The former Smiths frontman, whose contempt for the royals is well documented, was talking to a TV station in New Zealand. He said that the Duchess of Cambridge should bear some of the responsibility for the apparent suicide.

"It wasn't because of two DJs in Australia that this woman took her own life, it was the pressure around her," he claimed. "I'm sure the Palace and Clarence House put maximum pressure on this poor receptionist and nurse, and of course that's kept away from the press.”

Morrissey also said: "There is no blame so far placed on Kate Middleton, who was in the hospital - as far as I could see - for absolutely no reason," he added. "She feels no shame about the death of this woman. The arrogance of the British royals is staggering."

He also questioned the reason for the duchess's hospitalisation. "Does she have a health condition? Is it anorexia or is it pregnancy?" he asked.

The duchess was being treated for the condition hyperemesis gravidarum, which can cause serious dehydration in pregnant woman. Clarence House also issued a statement saying that William and Kate were "deeply saddened" by the death.

The Sun described Morrissey's outburst as a "vile rant" while the Daily Mail pointed out that the Mancunian had also taken aim at the Olympics earlier in the year, saying he felt unable to watch the events in London because of the "blustering jingoism" that accompanied them.

The 53-year-old singer appears to have changed his opinion of William and Kate since 2010, when he told The Guardian: "They are so dull as people that it is actually impossible to discuss them."

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Richard Cranuim Morrissey

So this dipstick is a medical expert now is he? At least his knowledge of health issues is better than his music.

That aside, I'm all for having a bit of laugh, but to make a hospital and it's staff the subject of a "joke" is beyond the pale. Furthermore the station went against it's own internal controls to plough on regardless with broadcasting the "prank". People need to be sacked for this.

This shows why the Leveson recommndations are needed.
1) The Australians did not follow their own procedures.
2) The Sun and the Mail printed a destructive rant, repeated on this web site. Why? The right to free speech also includes the right avoid printing rubbish.

3) After a suicide, it is too late to "apologise" or "pay a fine" - blood money ?
4) The term "self-regulation" is rubbish - it has no real meaning as the editor already does the regulation with the "lawyers" and still get it wrong.
Fortunately those phone hacked did not die as a result.
Unfortunately some people are more sensitive, which may be a cultural thing - the Australians do not have the same appreciation of a multi-cultural society as the British.
Playing pranks across the world is fraught with massive risks.
an example is the US film about M.

Don't knock Morrissey. I think he may have a medical condition himself and will need support from his hospital too.

It is such a comfort to hear a 'celeb' with the courage to criticize and condemn these appalling royals. Danny Boyle is another one with the courage to criticize them and the establishment that they represent. He recently rejected one of the Queen's ridiculous class divisive awards, one of those mounted on a bit of tin praising the British empire. What empire we ask. Hopefully in the future people with influence will have the guts to begin questioning why Prince Charles political lobbying letters for example, were vetoed by the Attorney General, and not allowed to appear in the public domain.Privilege before people!! The same goes for their (the royals) acceptance of exclusion from the Freedom of Information act. What are they hiding from the British taxpayer we ask? Come on Danny - come on Morrisey - start the ball rolling and ask some pointed questions for the public soon.

look a#$%h#$%, when you have such severe morning sickness that is so bad you can't keep anything down, you get dehydrated, you drop weight like crazy, then you talk to me, then you can get on your stinking high horse and tell women
that morning sickness that last all day for 6 months is "for absolutely no reason" to be hospitalized. arrogant ass.

Ridiculous and deperate plea for attention from an aging, irrevelant former celebrity. Had top ten hit singles 1988 and 2006. That hardly qualifies him as a Philosopher
King. Pathetic.

Absolutely infuriates me that he would say that Kate's condition isn't serious enough to warrant hospital care! I had hyperemesis with one of my pregnancies and I was hospitalized twice for it, it's no joke. Wish certain men could experience the physical "blessings" of pregnancy and childbirth.

Aging, irrelevant, hasbeen, waste of space, miserable sad publicity chaser. Unpleasant sh-t actually. Would make a headline in New Zealand.

Who actaully takes seriously the pronouncements of Danny Boyle and Morrisey etc. Gladys, ?

The fact that this woman died, then the 'establishment'-run media all immediately peddle the story (given to them by the "authorities") that the cause was a suicide because of a "prank-call," is indeed suspicious. If this same incident took place in some 'African' tribal-lead nation, with a corrupt-to-the-core 'establishment - or some similarly insidious Saudi-royal enclave, where a 'suicide' had occurred - the situation would be reported (by the corrupted media) here quite differently.

Morrissey is an irrelevancy - always has been (he is a has-been!) and always will be. End-of, let's move on to worthwhile news and not the ranting of a Z-list so-called celebrity.

Better this lowlife keep to singing
because he clearly isn't any good at anything else!

Better you stick to Hyde Park & the battered old soapbox!

Nor at singing

Idiot! Doesn't know hypermesis!!! he better just shut the hole in his mouth. I couldn't afford to be hospitalised when I had it - but of course as it is a medical emergency I did get admitted and I assure you IDIOT I am not a princess. Dont speak about things you don't know..!

We all know what he does.. wanders his home and lays on his bed reciting Oscar Wilde while he sticks a daff up his arse.

The Prince of Intense really doesn't like women does he?

So sad. Once a beloved musician but now a raving lunatic.

Mr Morrisey you had your say in the original article; don't now try to bolster that with equally bizarre "responses" using false i.d.s.

Look at the nasty expression on his miserable face. He is a professional sh-t, but it all really to get a headline for a sagging or collapsed career.