Princess Jennifer Aniston is pregnant, possibly

Dec 18, 2012
Richard A Jinman

Fresh from the tabloids: the 'evidence' is piling up that the former Mrs Brad Pitt is with child

THE SIGHT of actor Jennifer Aniston's "slightly fuller figure" heavily disguised by "a form-concealing tracksuit", has confirmed that the 43-year old Friends actor is almost certainly pregnant. 

Yes, she recently "denied reports" that she's expecting her first child with fiancé Justin Theroux, admits The Sun, but the evidence she's got a date with the stork is piling up like soiled nappies.

Exhibit A: the "form-concealing tracksuit" she wore to a four-hour pampering session at a health spa last week. Exhibit B: the fact she's been "seen" avoiding alcohol and seafood at parties. Pregnant as charged, your honour.

It's not surprising the tabloids have itchy fingers when it comes to breaking the story of Aniston's 'pregnancy'. They're still reeling from the fact that Kate Middleton's joyful news went entirely unreported until she was hospitalised with morning sickness. Aniston is American showbiz royalty thanks to her long-running part in Friends and her sadly less-than-long-running marriage to Brad Pitt.

The Daily Mail agrees that Aniston is absolutely, possibly pregnant, quoting a source who "allegedly" told the woman's magazine Grazia that the actor "didn't go near" a margarita bar at a recent Hollywood party attended by Demi Moore and Ellen DeGeneres.

Any woman who avoids free margaritas is either a) pregnant, b) teetotal or c) a wine drinker. In addition, another unnamed source told the Daily Mail that Aniston has been dropping out of film projects recently, "causing speculation she doesn't want to sign herself up to movies if she's expecting to welcome a child in 2013".

Last month, she pulled out of Getting Rid Of Matthew, based on the book by Ricky Gervais's partner Jane Fallon. And it's also been reported she quit Miss You Already, which she was due to film in London.

So, she's pregnant. Possibly.

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