Boy George's 'jaw-dropping' weight loss stuns tabloids

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Once described as too fat to commit assault, the Culture Club singer is suddenly stick thin

LAST UPDATED AT 15:52 ON Mon 18 Feb 2013

A BOY GEORGE diet book must surely be in the offing after the sight of the Culture Club singer's astonishingly skinny frame prompted The Sun to wax lyrical about his "incredible weight loss".

It has been customary in recent years for newspapers to refer to George as "bloated" or "tubby" and marvel at his double chins. In 2008, when he was accused of attacking a six-foot tall male escort in his London flat, the singer's own lawyer told a court his client was "too fat" to have carried out the assault.

But when George made his entrance at a London Awards ceremony last night the Sun was stunned by his "chiselled face" and "jaw-dropping" weight loss.

"He looked years younger than 51," the tabloid gushed. The singer "struggled to fill out his suit, presumably bought when he was several stone heavier."

The man christened George O'Dowd says he's been working "flat-out" to get his weight down to a more, erm, boyish level. He says a metabolically-balanced organic diet cooked up by nutritional therapist Amelia Freer has helped him achieve his newly trim figure. Today he tweeted: "My secret!" and posted a link to Freer's website.

George also gave his Twitter followers an insight into his daily routine, writing: "Portion control. 5 hour gaps between meals. No coffee or tea, except at meals. Water & fizzy water between meals!"

Pictures of the new slim George caused a sensation on social media. The Bohomoth website said: "Rub your eyes once, rub them twice, look away, blink and look back again. It's Boy George looking like a veritable slip of a thing!"

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- But not looking any more talented than before.

Are we sure his weight-losing formula wasn't ingested through his nose??

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