Jeanette Winterson sparks row with dead rabbit tweets

Jun 18, 2014

The skin makes 'a great glove puppet', says author as she posts photographs of a rabbit she killed

Jeanette Winterson's Twitter account

Award-winning author Jeanette Winterson has faced a Twitter backlash after posting photographs of a rabbit that she killed in revenge for eating her parsley.

The Oranges are not the Only Fruit author posted an image of the skinned rabbit to her 32,700 followers with the comment: "Rabbit ate my parsley. I am eating the rabbit." 

This was followed by a series of images of the carcass washed and cooking in cider, as well as pictures of her cat eating the entrails.

Winterson insisted that she had trapped and killed the rabbit humanely, but caused more consternation among some of her followers by adding: "The skin which includes the head makes a great glove puppet."

One follower, Jacqueline Looker, tweeted to say: "Before I unfollow you, you make me sick. I will never again read a word you write. Rest in peace, little rabbit."

Winterson replied: "Do you only read vegetarians? If not, why is farmed meat fine but personally trapped disgusting? Think about it."

Another user wrote: "Thing is that most people don't feel a need to post such a graphic image and joke about it. That's the difference."

Winterson claimed that rabbits must be culled when they reach pest level and asked "Why not eat what u catch?" She pointed out that her meal included no waste, no packaging, no processing and no food miles.

Several tweeters have since posted message in defence of the author's "eco-friendly" meal, with some even asking for the recipe.

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Congrats to Winterson. The RiverCottage bloke made two half hour progs on precisely the same theme, ate his vegs he ate it and the local CWI made slippers, gloves & hats from the skins. Well done to all concerned.

It was a treat for us when I was young after WW2.
Guns, ferrets,nets, terriers, then Dabs on Sundays from the Great Ouse. I was bought up to gut and clean both, that was in the days of mutually assure destruction . Hunger was always with us during rationing, it was a rarity to see anyone over 10 stone in weight.
Well and bravely said Jeanette, Desperately needed common sense .

I am glad. no one need to concern with any one, I loved the post. do not harm others... if you directly like to have meat, make something out of skin or etc etc then there was no problem. I just could see vengeance in you. Fine take care.

What a silly bi*ch,personally I couldn't care less but most of her readers are city dwelling lovies who have no concept of reality.