Fifty Shades of Grey: Samantha Brick in the firing line again

Jul 2, 2012

‘I’m not a prude – I live in France’: columnist’s attack on erotic novel raises mirth on Twitter

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PROFESSIONAL controversialist Samantha Brick has found a new way to keep herself in the public eye - by taking aim at erotic literary sensation Fifty Shades of Grey, accusing it of being degrading to women.
The Daily Mail columnist, who rocketed to fame earlier this year after claiming that other women hated her because she was so beautiful, appeared on ITV this morning to debate the record-breaking book with erotic writer Emily Dubberley, and railed against the 'mummy-porn' trilogy despite admitting that she had only read the first novel in the series.
During her appearance on the show she claimed that the erotic novels, in which a young woman embarks on an S&M affair with an older man, were "badly written" over-hyped and "totally degrading to women".
As usual Brick's forthright opinions managed to wind up Twitter and the rest of the internet, and the books' publishers joined in the ritual haranguing, tweeting: "We are all rolling our eyes at Samantha Brick!"
Even the author EL James was watching and sent a tweet to This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby after the interview thanking her for sticking up for the books during the debate.
Brick found herself in the now familiar position of being subject to abuse from all sides on social media sites. And her assertion "I'm not a prude - I live in France" caused particular mirth.
Others claimed that her sudden concern for the sisterhood did not sit well with previous assertions that other women hate her because she is better looking than them, that French females are evil and that Mary Beard is "too ugly" to be on TV.
And last year she even admitted she would much rather "flirt over lunch with a male superior than engage in mindless gossip with the girls over a Pret sandwich".
Wedding planner Phoebe Miller tweeted: "She never has nor will represent the views of women.”

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To most real women there is no such thing as a superior man.

I read a lot of fiction and I have read plenty of literary
works as well erotica and to say that “Fifty Shades of Grey” is erotic literary sensation is absolute rubbish. It may appeal to the fantasies of lonely immature women but there is nothing literary about it. I too have read only the first part of the books and I am not a fool to waste any more time on part 2 and 3 – even though I have the complete triology. Simply put it is not worth the paper it is written on.