Glasgow 2014: 'Sick' employee spotted dancing as a tea cake

Jul 29, 2014

Bosses spot 'sick' nursery worker dressed as a Tunnock's tea cake at Commonwealth Games

A nursery worker who was "signed off sick" faces the sack after her bosses spotted her taking part in the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony dressed as a giant Tunnock's tea cake.

According to the Scottish Daily Record, Amy McIntosh had been off sick for several weeks when her employers spotted her on television during the celebrations in Glasgow.

The 25-year-old had volunteered to be part of the Games but had apparently not asked for time off for the rehearsals, which began three weeks ago.

A source at the Woodlands Day Nursery in Houston, Renfrewshire, said: "Nobody could believe it when they saw her on TV, bold as brass."

The nursery insider accused her of "playing the system by taking time off and getting sick pay as well". They added that McIntosh would have been given time off if she had asked. "If she came to us, we would have let her have time off," they said. "We are very much for the Commonwealth, very much for Scotland."

McIntosh, from Erskine, confirmed that she had been off sick at the time of the ceremony. "I have been signed off sick by a doctor and have a referral for the hospital," she said. An official spokesman for Woodlands declined to comment.

The Tunnock's tea cake dancers were one of the "hits" of the opening ceremony, which was watched by more than nine million viewers last Wednesday night, says The Guardian.

The £20m ceremony also featured a giant haggis, 41 Scottish terriers, Rod Stewart and a gay wedding.

The Glasgow 2014 organisers are using the Games' official auction website to sell various pieces of memorabilia, including chairs, fishing boats, an Edinburgh cannon and even a flushing toilet from the opening ceremony. Last night, one of the teacake props was sold for £1,605.

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