Former cabinet minister and Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell talks to the media after the court ruling.

Plebgate: what does libel ruling mean for Andrew Mitchell?

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Fri 28 Nov, AT 11:33

Judge describes MP's behaviour as 'childish' and says he probably did call police officers 'plebs'

Columnist Robert Chesshyre

Andrew Mitchell’s pleb gaffe: music to the ears of Ukippers

Fri 28 Nov, AT 09:02
Robert Chesshyre

Our condescending, arrogant elite: even the judgment came with a ‘de haut en bas’ sting in the tail

Former chief whip Andrew Mitchell

Plebgate officer 'boasted of toppling the Tory government'

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Wed 21 May, AT 11:43

Former chief whip Andrew Mitchell wants Scotland Yard to release the details of internal investigation

Andrew Mitchell

Liberty: Plebgate officer's libel suit sets 'dangerous precedent'

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Wed 12 Feb, AT 15:31

Human rights group pledges to intervene in court battle that would 'place officers beyond criticism'

Plebgate: Met PC pleads guilty over false witness account

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Fri 10 Jan, AT 13:55

PC Keith Wallis admits misconduct in public office after lying to local MP about Andrew Mitchell row

Andrew Mitchell

Andrew Mitchell: Plebgate cop is 'not telling the truth'

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Wed 27 Nov, AT 10:39

Former chief whip says PC Toby Rowland lied about row and 'challenges' DPP's failure to charge him


Cameron should give Andrew Mitchell his job back today

Tue 5 Nov, AT 09:54
The Mole

Even if he never called officers 'plebs', some Tories fear the mud has stuck. There's only one solution

Plebgate: police owe loyalty to community, not their tribe

Wed 23 Oct, AT 08:01
Robert Chesshyre

As three chief constables go before MPs, there's only one way to stop 'bad apple' cops - punish them in court

David Cameron during PMQ's

Plebgate: PM demands police apology over Mitchell smear

Wed 16 Oct, AT 13:00
The Mole

If police can treat a Cabinet minister like this, people are asking, what hope does a young black man have?