Former cabinet minister and Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell talks to the media after the court ruling.
28 Nov, 2014

Judge describes MP's behaviour as 'childish' and says he probably did call police officers 'plebs'

Columnist Robert Chesshyre
28 Nov, 2014

Our condescending, arrogant elite: even the judgment came with a ‘de haut en bas’ sting in the tail

Former chief whip Andrew Mitchell
21 May, 2014

Former chief whip Andrew Mitchell wants Scotland Yard to release the details of internal investigation

Andrew Mitchell
12 Feb, 2014

Human rights group pledges to intervene in court battle that would 'place officers beyond criticism'

10 Jan, 2014

PC Keith Wallis admits misconduct in public office after lying to local MP about Andrew Mitchell row

Andrew Mitchell
27 Nov, 2013

Former chief whip says PC Toby Rowland lied about row and 'challenges' DPP's failure to charge him

05 Nov, 2013

Even if he never called officers 'plebs', some Tories fear the mud has stuck. There's only one solution

23 Oct, 2013

As three chief constables go before MPs, there's only one way to stop 'bad apple' cops - punish them in court

David Cameron during PMQ's
16 Oct, 2013

If police can treat a Cabinet minister like this, people are asking, what hope does a young black man have?